Different Stacks for BI at Startups

RJMetrics continues their great content pipeline with this great post on BI tech stacks compiled from analysis of many companies blogs.

Free Uptime Monitoring

Great Free Tool for Monitoring Uptime on sites

Data Science Blog List

RJ Metrics came up with a great list of all the data science blogs out there.

Reactive Programming

Good meaty no BS article on Reactive Programming

Platform Pricing Strategy

Great article on Optimal Platform Pricing Strategy

The Details on Jet.com

Great overview of people researching what makes Jet.com so special and why people think it can get big enough to justify very very big valuations for something so early.

Scaling Engineering Teams

Great article from Tim Howe on scaling engineering teams

Great checklist on ecom optimizations to make

Great checklist on ecom tactics to take to improve your business

Great Product Management Reading Starting Point

Great high level look on the fuzzy topic of what is a product management and the articles that are popular.

Great Post on Startup Trends

Great Post on Startup Trends
- Amazon acquires some big brick and mortar store.
- Pure Play ecom is going away
- Facebook is killing it at social, Google is loosing/lost